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We’re a results-based marketing firm with a big heart and a fierce drive to see our clients succeed. We don’t operate on opinion or chance. We research, plan, implement, monitor and adjust.

We do marketing strategy, web design, promotional video, email marketing, lead generation and virtually anything a business needs to succeed.

We’re marketing experts first and everything else second. Twenty-first century web geeks with the soul of old-school marketers, we believe in going back to basics. In the words of the great David Ogilvy, “If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.”

We're not here to win advertising awards. We’re here to help you make sales and grow your business.

Our core office is located in Austin with team members in Dallas, Toronto and Edmonton. We’re big enough to handle worldwide accounts but attentive enough to give you one-on-one service. Whether we’re handling a million dollar marketing campaign or simply building a small business website, personal relationships are what matters most. That’s why our company policy is that every single customer has to be able to reach out to any of us directly if they ever need anything. Clients have our cell phone numbers. All of them.

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Can Customers Find YOUR Business Online?

Key Staff

George Mentis, Founder

George MentisA Greek Canadian Texan with a passion for helping business owners and CEOs, George is the mastermind behind Target Public Marketing. An old-school marketer brought up on direct response sales, George personally understands what it takes generate leads and close deals. Also a long-time publicist in the non-profit world, George has worked extensively with major media outlets in running national campaigns.

Intensely interested in the latest internet marketing technologies and trends, George applies the lessons of history’s great marketers in today’s online arena. Equal parts philanthropist, social crusader, marketing strategist and PR expert, George is a Spartan warrior who got caught up in the wrong millennium so had to become an entrepreneur.

Ronda Jordan, Vice President Business Development

Ronda JordanRonda is a Texas sweetheart with a fire for SEO, local search and personal networking. A Certified AdWords Specialist, she knows the ins and outs of how to get found on the web. On any given day you can find Ronda speaking to groups of business owners about the basics of web marketing or meeting with a new client to work out tailor-made marketing solutions. Ronda treats every client like family—southern hospitality, Texas-style.